Guangzhou Collectible Advertising Planning Co., Ltd. is heavily invested by Kecai Group. In order to make the implementation of the creative more effective, the team can focus on the development trend of the industry. The first brand competition is the core concept of dimensional competition, which is the two-dimensional graphic creative design. , three-dimensional space experience design, four-dimensional film and television advertising ideas.

Founded in Guangzhou in September 2010, Coke Group provides high-end, high-quality planning, design and packaging services for the cosmetics, food, health care, alcohol and jewellery industries. Our clients include Bank of China, Business and Industry. Bank, CITIC Bank, Yanhong Pharmaceutical, Amendment Pharmaceutical, Renhe Group, Wuliangye Group, Guizhou Maotai Group, Yalan Group, Damei Plastic, Big Bio, Celera Stem Cell, Xiqiao Cosmetics, Wufu Food, Guizhou Sanbao Food and so on.

In today’s fierce competition and increasingly professional, we can set up advertising to set up a creative crime group to provide high-quality, professional brand consulting, brand planning, brand investment, VIS visual system design, SI franchise system, product positioning design, film and television advertising. Comprehensive planning services such as post-production, product promotion videos, micro-movies, corporate videos and webcasts.




Our culture - Zhicheng people can gather


All motivated elites can gather together to create maximum value for their customers’ brands.
All customers who are sincere, we all hope to gather together, discuss the future, and win-win cooperation.


Our vision


Can be set, committed to building brand advantages, and long-term inheritance We help customers to enhance product value, increasingly fragmented. The more the adverbial clauses: the noisy digital world, let the brand make a difference.


ZOur mission - to make creative achievements worthwhile



For the sake of the customer’s business, we will gather the strength of all business units and create a driving project case. When the industry changes, we also transform our thinking, using creativity, innovation and in-depth research data to promote customer benefits and help the brand develop.

We will do our best for the life that can be gathered. Because it is advocating here, and operating an atmosphere of encouragement and encouragement. It is possible to gather the thinking of educating people who are doing their best, and will invest a lot of time and money in employee training. In order to ensure that everyone can improve and perfect, we regard this as the first priority. We believe that only when employees keep high morale and strive for excellence, can we guarantee the quality service to our customers.